The world has changed, the days too. Now the change in the definition of basic needs concepted 'journey' also, along with food, cloth and home. So, Awaymaker is a way maker of your life, as we know "life is a journey". As a team, we always focus on the VALUESVariety, Affordability, Liability, Utility, Exclusivity and Safety-security for you.

     Awaymaker officially started it's own way making from 19th January, 2017, in the hand of Sumit Kumar Sahu, the Founder and Managing Partner who ideates, initiates and executes every plan for Awaymaker.

     Awaymaker thinks and themes:

  • ONE-STOP TO GO NON-STOP : We provide one-stop solutions for everything you need regarding your journey and outing.
  • COME HERE TO GO ANYWHERE :We suggest to come and visit for your trip to anywhere, you dreamt of.
  • GO THROUGH THE POCKET / SIT AND GO : Any where You want to go.. Put your hand in the pocket / Sit on the chair.. Take your phone (or, tab)/ Switch on the computer.. Visit and make everything to be away.
  • Fully customized and catagorised trip making specialist.
  • We always aim to provide the best quality in less cost.
  • Our effort is continuos to always take care for the VALUES ie, VarietyAffordabilityLiabilityUtilityExclusivityand Safety-security for our customers.
  • We feel responsible and accountable enough for the commitments, we make and the quality, we deliver.
  • The respect and consideration given and received in the behaviour of both of us whom we interact with is unique, we feel.
  • We love to earn your well-wish, thanks, relationship of faith and friendship, when u come and say, "We are satisfied and had a great quality, we expected" with a happy face.
  • We are in the way to make you feel 'internationally local'.
  • We eagerly awaits listening from you to improve our service better and better.

    What more we can say about us is Awaymaker, the best journey planner, is making story for the future-history.