• Team management
  • Brand Representing
  • Surveying
  • Data Collection & utilization
  • Campaigning
We Need
  • Graduation (Pursuing candidates can also apply)
  • Good Communication skill
  • Smartness and interraction skill
  • Experienced candidates will be preferred most

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Guys with
  • fair geographical knowledge,
  • recent demo graphical knowledge,
  • tourism related knowledge,
  • managerial skills,
  • good communication skills,
  • situation management skills and
  • prompt decision making skills     

    are the best choices for the post of 'Trip Coordinator'.

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  • Technical assistance
  • Brand Representation
  • Business coordination

We Need
  • Graduation (Pursuing Students can also apply) or Diploma
  • Sufficient Technical knowledge
  • Good Communication skill
  • Smartness and interraction skill

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Human Resource Policies of Awaymaker


Process of Joining

  1. Job vacancy is posted in the career page on the official website of Awaymaker.
  2. Interested ones can apply online for which post they will to do the job with.
  3. If an application is initially shortlisted the candidate is called to face the interview process.
  4. If the person gets selected he/she is informed by the Awaymaker Career Team with the detailed process and formalities to be done.
  5. Awaymaker sends Offer letter to those selected candidates only after the successful documentation process and after disclosing in detail about payments, process of operation, duties, responsibilities, each and every rules & regulations and all the policies & procedures of the firm.
  6. Followed by all the above mentioned steps Awaymaker welcomes a candidature for the organisation.


Summarised Rules & Regulations for the Employees

  1. Make Sure that an employee is well aware about the rules, regulations, policies and procedures of Awaymaker.
  2. Office timing: 10:00hr. to 18:30hr. But every day’s allotted work should be completed before leaving the office daily or by every working day.
  3. Lunch timing: 14:00hrs. to 14:30hrs.
  4. Weekly one day off is provided as Weekly off but the date is not permanently fixed for every week.
  5. Every employee’s overall behaviour and performance will be tracked all the time by his/her superior authorities and performance report will be showcased after every 3 months.
  6. Performance growth and improvement will result in pay hike / increment or promotion to the higher post / rank. As well as performance failure may affect the salary with pay cut or demotion or even lead to refusal from employment.
  7. Attire should be formal always. Special and few occasional days will be considered for casual wearing but that should be decent.
  8. Id-card should always be carried with.
  9. To take leaves employees should inform the authority at least 7 days prior or as early as possible.
  10. Casual Leave and Medical Leave can be availed after at least 3 months of work involvement with Awaymaker.
  11. Usually 3 Casual Leaves are permissible in any quarter year and no Casual Leave can be taken in advance. Prior and proper information is needed to take more than 3 Casual Leaves in a quarter.
  12. Maximum 7 days of Medical Leave can be taken in any calendar year. Proper medical proof must to be produced to grant the leaves as Medical Leaves.
  13. Behaviour and attitude are to be rational and compromising in every aspect.
  14. Employees are expected to be obedient, honest, loyal, accountable, honourable and to act upon Awaymaker’s rules and regulations and authority’s decisions and to show respect to the organization on the whole.
  15. A good professional relationship and work culture are to be maintained every while and everywhere.
  16. Using personal mobile phone, any other personal devices and social media is not allowed in the office hours except business reasons, urgency and emergency.
  17. Cleanliness is demanded every where.
  18. You will be provided an official SIM for all your official need but permissible limit or plan should not exceed and if it happens, the extra bill should have to be paid by the employee himself or herself.


Process of Resignation

  1. Duly prepared Resignation letter is to be submitted through proper channel of the immediate seniors.
  2. All the belongings of the organization should be returned in good condition and proper manner.
  3. After receiving and verifying all the documents, rights and everything provided by and for Awaymaker Receipt copy of the Resignation letter is provided that contains only the receiving signature with receiving date of the receiving authority.
  4. From the next date of receiving the resignation letter Notice period of 90 days starts.
  5. Notice period will not be adjusted with any type of  leaves, weekly offs or holidays.
  6. All the resigning Employees are must to serve the Notice period of 90 days sincerely and in proper manner.
  7. Only basic pay is provided with no other allowances for the Notice Period.
  8. Iff Notice Period is successfully and properly served with no complaint after completion of the period all the dues of the employee are calculated and paid after few days which is required for processing.
  9. Before completion of the Notice period or in case of any failure in serving the Notice period no Release letter or Experience letter or any other information and statement regarding the organization is provided.


Authority’s decision is final and honoured in every where and in each & every situation

Cooperation is needed in every aspect and ground...


* This policy is in effect from 19th January, 2017 up to further change or alteration