Weekend Trip To Digha

5499 (Starting From)

2 Nights - 3 Days

Standard Package Standard

Call +91 754-89-754-99

1st DAY

Pick up from Digha station / bus terminal

Visit to 

·         Udaipur beach

·         Jagannath temple

·         Shankarpur


Visit to 

  • Mohana
  • Science museum
  • Amravati park 
Drop at Digha bus terminal / station

Economy Type rooms / Semi-Deluxe rooms / Standard rooms


Standard vehicles


AP Plan { 3 times meal at hotel or accommodate place }




with morning tea / coffee and snacks

Terms and Conditions of Awaymaker


1.       All inclusive viz. Food, Lodging, Sight seeing and Up-Down transportation from pick up and drop point(s)

2.       Entry fees, rides, Guide charges and any other charges are straightly excluded from the package.

3.       Accommodation : Rooms will be alloted family-wise (usually 3heads in a double bedded room).

4.       Accommodation quality : more or  less equivalent to semi deluxe catagory.

5.       If rail booking is required by any means within the trip, in that case, railway berth  depends completely on Railway Authorities.

6.       Reservation charges (i.e. at least half of the total amount payable) should be deposited at the time of booking and Final payment should be made by 20 days prior to the date of journey through www.awaymaker.com by Internet Banking / NEFT / RTGS / cheque / Bank or Online Transfer.

7.       If there any increase in Railway, Bus &/or any other freight, fare or other cost the difference has to be borne by the party.

8.       If anybody cancels the tour after reservation of the seats, the received amount shall be refunded to the passengers after deducting the cancellation charges as per the requirements and decision of the management of ‘STRINGS Tourism’ (the charges depends on the spending already done and other spending or charges to be borne by the management on behalf of the respective persons).

9.       In case the tour is extended for any unavoidable circumstance the extra cost will have to be borne by the party.

10.    The management of ‘Awaymaker will not allow any type of inconvenience, misbehavior, disgraceful attitude from any member of the tourist party.

11.    If any damage / harm is done by any tourist consciously or unconsciously of / to the train, bus, car, hotel and any third party (living or non-living), the sole responsibility of the damage will be of the tourist party and he / she / they has / have to bear the cost of the damage done completely.

12.    The management of  ‘Awaymaker will not undertake any liabilities towards any loss / document loss / damage of life / property and breakage of any other belongings whatsoever of the tourist caused by any accident / theft / robbery or any other untoward happenings during the tour.

13.    Payment Structure:

Booking Time


Before 30 days prior to the journey


Before 10 days prior to the journey




[NOTE: Booking of seat means that the passengers have accepted all the terms & conditions of Awaymaker knowing it clearly.]

Cancellation Charges


Before 30 days of arrival  :   10% of package price


Before 20 days of arrival  :   20% of package price


Before 10 days of arrival  :   30% of package price


Before 07 days of arrival  :   50% of package price


Before 03 days of arrival  :   75% of package price


Before 01 day of arrival   :   90% of package price

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